Formula 4

Formula 4: New Zealand

Source of ‘good’ fats

An Unsaturated Fatty Acid Supplement for an optimal lipid supply.

Our bodies need specific fats because they are essential to the function of every human cell. These are necessary for optimal lipid supply to help maintain a good state of health, particularly during a reduced-fat diet. Unsaturated fats include the essential fats your body uses to keep you warm, insulate nerve cells, balance hormones and keep your skin soft and supple.

Key Benefits

• Source of ‘good’ fats to provide essential fatty acids (EFAs) which the body cannot manufacture itself
• Tops up your body’s daily requirements for EFAs.

Take one softgel with each meal three times a day.

Fast Facts

• Safflower oil – supplies oleic, linoleic and linonic acids that complement your diet. Contains the highest source of polyunsaturated fats than is found in any other type of vegetable oil.