Xtra-Cal: New Zealand


A Calcium supplement with additional vitamins and minerals.

Calcium is required for healthy bones, teeth and skin, yet few adults obtain enough through their daily diets. Xtra-Cal is one of the most concentrated forms of Calcium supplementation and assists with promoting strong bones and teeth and includes Vitamin D, Magnesium and herbs, for better Calcium absorption and utilisation.

Key Benefits

• Can assist in the prevention and/or treatment of osteoperosis
• Includes Vitamin D and Magnesium for better calcium absorption and utilisation
• Can provide the calcium needed for strong and healthy bones.


Take one tablet three times daily with meals.

Fast Facts

• Calcium – provides strength for the skeleton and is important in nerves and muscles
• Magnesium – for bone structure
• Copper – for melanin formation and iron metabolism
• Zinc – for tissue repair and renewal
• Vitamin E – antioxidant – needed for the health of the heart.
• Vitamin D – helps maintain strong and healthy bones
• Manganese – for healthy bones and nervous system
• Vitamin C – helps body absorb iron from non-meat sources
• Glutamic Acid HCL – assists in breakdown and digestion of foods